The art of “centrism” as defined by lobbyists for foreign oligarchies

Regarding the need for bipartisan support and credibility, a good example is the role I played on behalf of the Honduran Business Council (CEAL) during the post-June 28, 2009 time period through the end of December 2009. I worked closely with the staffs of the Democratic Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator John F. Kerry and Ranking Republican member Senator Richard Lugar. I also worked with Chairman Rep. Eliot Engel, of the House Latin American Affairs Subcommittee, and the ranking Republican, Rep. Connie Mack. Indeed, when I testified at the July 2009 subcommittee hearings, I was placed physically in the "middle" of the panel table, which symbolized the ideological place members of both parties on the subcommittee saw me: in the center… seeking a reconciliation solution that would achieve maximum consensus, peace, order, and most important, recognition of the coming election of a new president under fair and free election procedures. That recognition by the Secretary of State was announced in the fall of 2009 and was a key positive turning point.

Lanny J. Davis, Proposal to Represent the Government of Honduras, 17 Nov. 2010

For the record, the situation in Honduras has been marked by a marked increase in human rights violations, police rapes, censorship, homicides, drug trafficking and official impunity since the forced departure of Manual Zelaya in the summer of 2009. The elections held late last year were largely a sham but the State Department recognized them anyways. That Lanny Davis was able to play the role of a "moderate" during the first months after the coup–despite being a registered agent of a right-wing Honduran business group–shows how incredibly off balance the US foreign policy establishment really is.


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