Acceptable distortions

Al-Jazeera, 27 Feb. 2011:

Much of the information about the Libyan uprising that reached the West in recent weeks came from Libyan expatriates who were phoning, emailing or instant messaging with family and friends inside the country. Often, the Libyans abroad would relay incomplete or exaggerated news, as when false reports spread that protesters in Benghazi had found hundreds of political prisoners held underground for decades (in fact, a dozen or so were released, and their internment was several times smaller than had been reported, Sanalla said.)

“Some of it was well exaggerated,” he said. But in his mind, if it helped the uprising’s cause. It was an acceptable distortion.

“It put more pressure on the international people, it made it even more horrific.”

See also: Russia Today on the lack of evidence to support allegations of Libyan air strikes against its own civilians.

Lies helped lead America into the Vietnam War, Gulf War I, the NATO campaign against Serbia and the invasion of Iraq and undoubtedly many more international conflicts. So say what you will about 9/11 truthers and similar conspiracy theorists, their un-“acceptable” distortions of the truth are not enabling mass slaughter and aggression.


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