Cesar Chavez and the mental capacity of the American right

Let’s begin with Fox Nation, “Navy Considers Naming Ship After Cesar Chavez“:

And then will the cargo ship be used to deport illegals? Maybe they could be lured on board with a can of Corona.


The USS Chavez will only be able to navigate the Rio Grande and is a transport that will ferry illegal across the border. It will be rudderless and have two Bows no Sterns in difference to Obozo


This Chavez was a Union organizing thug trying to get Workers Rights for illegals working on farms. Hey, they have the right to quit if they don’t like the work, etc. I am sick of these criminals being babied.


What is going on? Do the radicals need the “illegal” Hispanic vote that bad?

Illegal union gangster hero to illegals

To honor the work force? Which are probably minaly illegals…. Ridiculous. Fine, go name a street, name the bathroom after him, name the cafeteria after him, name your dog after him, a ship is for those that have served, that have paid the ultimate sacrifice for all Americans, not just to benefit a certain group of people.

Chavez didnt just organize “farm workers”; he organized ILLEGAL ALIENS; getting them rights they did not deserve since they were in the country ILLEGALLY.
To name a United States Navy warship after Chavez indicates how much Political Correctness has taken over our Navy….DISGRACEFUL!
Perhaps the ship will patrol the Rio Grande keeping out wetbacks.


Chavez was nothing but a rabble rouser demanding rights for illegal aliens.

Now, here’s the punchline: Cesar Chavez was an Arizona-born US citizen who supported a harsh stance against illegal immigration due to the belief that undocumented immigrants lower wages and undermine unions.

From a (very extensively sourced) Wikipedia entry:

The [United Food Workers union] during [Cesar] Chávez’s tenure was committed to restricting immigration. Chávez and Dolores Huerta, cofounder and president of the UFW, fought the Bracero Program that existed from 1942 to 1964. Their opposition stemmed from their belief that the program undermined US workers and exploited the migrant workers. Since the Bracero program ensured a constant supply of cheap immigrant labor for growers, immigrants could not protest any infringement of their rights, lest they be fired and replaced. Their efforts contributed to Congress ending the Bracero Program in 1964. In 1973, the UFW was one of the first labor unions to oppose proposed employer sanctions that would have prohibited hiring undocumented immigrants. Later during the 1980s, while Chávez was still working alongside Huerta, he was key in getting the amnesty provisions into the 1986 federal immigration act.[14]

On a few occasions, concerns that undocumented migrant labor would undermine UFW strike campaigns led to a number of controversial events, which the UFW describes as anti-strikebreaking events, but which have also been interpreted as being anti-immigrant. In 1969, Chávez and members of the UFW marched through the Imperial and Coachella Valleys to the border of Mexico to protest growers’ use of undocumented immigrants as strikebreakers. Joining him on the march were both Reverend Ralph Abernathy and US Senator Walter Mondale.[15] In its early years, Chávez and the UFW went so far as to report undocumented immigrants who served as strikebreaking replacement workers, as well as those who refused to unionize, to the Immigration and Naturalization Service.[16][17][18][19][20]

In 1973, the United Farm Workers set up a “wet line” along the United States-Mexico border to prevent Mexican immigrants from entering the United States illegally and potentially undermining the UFW’s unionization efforts.[21] During one such event in which Chávez was not involved, some UFW members, under the guidance of Chávez’s cousin Manuel, physically attacked the strikebreakers, after attempts to peacefully persuade them not to cross the border failed.

As an aside: I personally oppose any effort on behalf of the military-industrial complex to appropriate labor leaders and civil rights activists. But the fact that the American right is filled with filled with troglodytes such as those on Fox Nation is disturbing on many levels. If anything, it confirms that there is a genuine strain of anti-Hispanic sentiment in today’s conservative movement that was certainly not present during the Reagan era.

People who portray Cesar Chavez, an American-born citizen who actively fought illegal immigration, as an agitator of and hero for “illegals” are racist idiots. That’s not uncivil, it’s a statement of fact.


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