World Likud hires PR scion for publicity and damage control in the US

According to documents filed with the Justice Department, the Israeli Likud Party’s “wing for global communication and networking” has recently hired a PR firm run by a publicist whose clients include well known American figures such as Donald Trump and Alex Rodriguez. A contract signed this past June lists “publicity,” “reputation reinforcement,” “sustaining coverage,” and “damage control” as some of the services that will be provided.

The World Likud is lead by Knesset member Danny Danon, who often meets with US conservatives and is currently helping Glenn Beck plan his “restoring courage” rally in Jerusalem. While meeting with US Congressmen and conservative activists at the Zionist Organization of America’s 2010 annual dinner he complained that Obama was “bullying” PM Benjamin Netanyahu over Israel’s continued colonization of the West Bank. In response to this, “the Republicans apologized for Obama and said he was not representing the view of America.”

Rubenstein Public Relations was founded by Richard Rubenstein in 1987, “a third-generation publicist.” He is the son of none other than Howard J. Rubenstein, whom Rudolph Giuliani referred to as “the dean of damage control” and was previously hired by the Israeli Foreign Ministry. Gawker once declared Richard Rubenstein to be the “black sheep of the Rubenstein PR dynasty.”

According to the Foreign Agents Registration Act statement:

Rubenstein Public Relations has agreed to offer advice and guidance to World Likud in regard to its political activities. In performing this duty, Rubenstein Public Relations plans to reach out to potential media outlets including television, print, radio and online publications to publicize World Likud’s political positions.

The political platform on World Likud’s own English language site declares that “Israel will annex a designated part of Judea and Samaria [sic]” and–more ominously–that “Israel and its neighbors will jointly bear the costs of relocation.”

One of the future activities listed in the June contract is “conduct damage control.” In Rubenstein PR’s own words:

In the event of negative publicity about the Client, RPR will conduct and manage damage control activities, including but not limited to, developing appropriate and timely message points and press releases that seek to minimize negative publicity or counteract negative media or other statements.


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