Webmaster of anti-Islam site openly called for pogroms against Muslims

With news of recent arson attacks against multiple Islamic (and Hindu) targets in NYC, CAIR notes the following:

Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the advocacy group, said CAIR recently called on the FBI to investigate threats targeting mosques posted on an anti-Islam blog called “Bare Naked Islam.”

One comment on the site read: “Throw 10 Molotov cocktails into these mosques and burn them down,” according to Hooper. By Monday, the comment appeared to have been taken down by blog operator WordPress.com.

An example of a particularly vile thread on this site from May 2011 can be found in the Google Cache. The thread is started with a post containing links to news articles describing indiscriminate mob violence against Muslim immigrants in Greece with the author voicing approval. Many of the comments openly call for such tactics against Muslims to be exported to other countries such as the US. An example:

I think we should applaud Greece and use them as an example and start throwing bombs in Mosques. I really don’t CAIR what they think they shouldn’t be here so their rights don’t matter. Treat me as you want to be treated.

This thread is notable because the webmaster behind the website openly calls for riots against Muslims around the world.

A poster named “Shawn” commented that:

It’s about time! Maybe this is the start of an ‘Anti-Islam Summer’. Now that’s something to celebrate and get behind.

The webmaster “barenakedislam” then responded:

Shawn I like that, a worldwide anti-Islam summer. Riots in the streets in every country in which Muslims have invaded.

So, in case this site tries to defend itself by claiming that it’s only a “few rogue commenters” who are inciting violence, it should be noted that commenters supporting violence are in the majority and that they include the owner of the site.