WikiLeaks cable: Gingrich wanted a global environmental treaty organization in 2005

Quick snippet from cablegate.

Apparently Newt Gingrich has been fear-mongering about UN Agenda 21 these days:

It’s a United Nations proposal to create a series of centralized planning provisions, where all of a sudden your local city government can’t do something because of some agreement they signed with some private group who are all committed basically to taking control of your private property and turning it into a publically controlled property. Everywhere I go in the country today, people, particularly the tea parties, are very worried about Agenda 21. It’s part of a general problem of United Nations and other international bureaucracies that are seeking to maintain an extra-constitutional control over us, and I reject that model totally. The United State is a sovereign country. The United Nations does not authorize anything for the United States, and the United Nations does not have any control of the United States, and we want to make sure that remains our core value as we go forward.

However, years ago, Gingrich apparently thought that a new “international bureaucracy” being created for environmental matters was a fine idea.

US Embassy in Paris, 14 Jun 2005, “French discuss UN reform issues with Newt Gingrich”:

[French diplomat Jean-Maurice] Ripert said that France also favored a universal UN environmental organization to address issues currently dealt with by 500 conventions and autonomous secretariats all over the world. He envisioned an environmental body similar to WIPO [World Intellectual Property Organization], having a small secretariat. Gingrich said that this was a good idea and that he would be interested in hearing more on France’s thoughts in this regard.