J-Pod: Derrick Bell is an anti-Semite because he correctly labeled people like my dad

Over at Commentary, John Podhoretz finds it offensive that Derrick Bell once acknowledged the existence of “Jewish neoconservative racists.” I suppose it hits too close to home:

“The hatred I still feel for Negroes is the hardest of all the old feelings to face or admit, and it is the most hidden and the most overlarded by the conscious attitudes into which I have succeeded in willing myself. It no longer has, as for me it once did, any cause or justification (except, perhaps, that I am constantly being denied my right to an honest expression of the things I earned the right as a child to feel). How, then, do I know that this hatred has never entirely disappeared? I know it from the insane rage that can stir in me at the thought of Negro anti-Semitism; I know it from the disgusting prurience that can stir in me at the sight of a mixed couple; and I know it from the violence that can stir in me whenever I encounter that special brand of paranoid touchiness to which many Negroes are prone.”

Norman Podhoretz, Jewish neoconservative racist and father of John Podhoretz, writing in Commentary