Serbian war criminal Ratko Mladic saw himself as a defender of Europe against Muslims and multiculturalism

Q. Now, you indicated that General Mladic had some questions about your colleagues in DutchBat. Can you describe that conversation and any further detail for the Trial Chamber, please.

A. There were a few DutchBat soldiers sitting alongside the road, and my conversation with General Mladic was just in front of them. And he asked me if I was from the Netherlands, and he also asked the soldiers if they were also from the Netherlands. And there was one Dutch soldier from apparently an African heritage with dark skin. And General Mladic asked me if he was also from the Netherlands or if he was from Ethiopia. And I explained to him that we had a multi-ethnic society in the Netherlands, multi-racial, and there were a lot of people looking different but they were all Dutch. And he answered to me that this was a big problem for the Netherlands and that in ten years from then the Serb army would be in the Netherlands protecting us from the Muslims and other races. And I told him I didn’t believe him.

International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, 27 September 2006