Perpetrator of and apologist for terrorism dies

AP Headline: Terrorism Defended by Shamir

“Personal terrorism is a way of fighting that is acceptable under certain conditions and by certain movements. […] Under the conditions that existed then, when the Jewish people were without a voice, without a homeland, without military force, vulnerable, totally abandoned by the whole world, there was justification and also usefulness in using this extreme method, to hurt those people who were responsible for what was being done to the Jewish people. […] [The Palestinian] objective is not just. They are fighting for land that is not theirs. This is the land of the people of Israel.”

Yitzhak Shamir, 1991

In 1985, Shamir praised self-admitted Jewish terrorists as “excellent boys who have done much for the nation.”

He said the group did not “set out to commit some ordinary crime or murder out of irrational urges. We’re dealing here with a more or less organized group which has reached an ideological conclusion that, for the sake of the state and the people, such deeds must be done.”

It should be noted that the specific Jewish terrorists being referred to here had planted time bombs on civilian buses in East Jerusalem and murdered three Palestinian students at the Hebron Islamic College in a shooting rampage that included the use of a grenade.