Convergence: Official Israeli government PR tool is “partners” with neo-Nazi sympathizer

Give Israel Your United Support (GIYUS) is an organization that summons legions of apologists for Israeli colonialism to troll various websites, often those critical of Israel. A document on an Israeli embassy website declared the service to be “the online public diplomacy platform of Israel.” On GIYUS’ “Partners” page, it lists a site called “Bare Naked Islam.” This blog apparently hates Muslims so much that it’s willing to side with the Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn.

Examples of posts praising Golden Dawn include the following:

A commenter on the site explained the rationale for Zionist support of anti-Semitic neo-Nazis who commit murderous rampages against Muslim immigrants:

In Greece there are less than 5.000 Jews and 99% of Greeks would not know that they are Jews because they blend in well and look Greek. GD is mainly against illegal Muslim immigrants and corrupt Greek Politicians. The Greek LEFT dominated press refers to GD as NAZIS to put people off. The Greek Left believes in Stalin,Lenin, Marx and Engels which makes no sense. Also keep in mind there are several Political organisations in Israel that hate Christians. There are less than 1000 Greeks in Israel. Greece and Israel now have excellent relations.

The webmaster of the site agreed with this analysis:

George, that’s the way I see it too. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. The Left calls me a Nazi, too.

Bare Naked Islam supporting Golden Dawn

I’ve noted the bizarre specter of anti-Semitic Zionism in the past. It’s also worth nothing that a common complaint on these Islamophobic websites is that Hitler’s only mistake was targeting the “wrong Semites.”