The Chicago fast food workers’ strike and the politics of resentment

Members of America’s underclass in Chicago’s fast food restaurants are going on strike for better wages. Human beings who were given a soul at their time of birth generally feel an obligation to support the striking workers’ demands and hope that those on strike will not receive retaliation from management.

Those who are horrible, despicable assholes view the workers with hatred and disdain:

These are the lifelong misfits, the slovenly obese, theclueless and singularly dimensional schmucks led by the Obama Jihad propaganda machine that says; “We be dah future…gimme what be mines…MMM MMM MMM.”

Fire every last bastard that walks off the job. Those companies can then take new applications from more of the 80% of high school ‘push-throughs’ who can’t read or form a coherent sentence. And then, if those clowns can’t pack a sack with what you ordered, it’s time to send these worthless deadbeats back to their beloved continent, via a 500 mile long caravan of cargo ships. Happy Tribaling!

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As far as I am concerned, these comments are the purest distillation of White America that exists at the moment. Don’t get in between an angry fascist and his McDouble, or he’ll send you to Africa.