Current head of Egyptian military “trained and spent a lot of time in the United States”

DOD News Briefing with Secretary Panetta and Gen. Dempsey from the Pentagon, 14 August 2012:

First of all, I wanted to indicate that earlier today I had a very good conversation with General Al-Sisi, who’s Egypt’s new minister of defense.  He is a highly experienced officer who was trained and spent a lot of time in the United States.  I think he went to Fort Benning and then to the [US Army War College in Carlisle, Pa], as well.

General Al-Sisi expressed his unwavering commitment to the U.S.-Egypt mil-to-mil relationship, which has been really an anchor of stability in the Middle East for more than 30 years.  And I, in turn, indicated to him that I look forward to working with him and to continuing the relationship that we have had with Egypt over those years.

General Al-Sisi stressed that he takes seriously Egypt’s obligations under the Camp David treaty and he’s committed to preventing the Sinai from becoming a staging area for militants.  And, again, I indicated that I look forward to working closely with him to advance our shared goals in the region.