Israeli views of Egypt

From the Global Post:

Speaking on Israel Army Radio, the former deputy head of the Israeli security services, Israel Hasson, who is now a lawmaker, said he believed the Egyptian army “is absolutely determined to completely shatter the organization known as the Muslim Brotherhood.” […] Asked how the situation may affect the region, Hasson said, “It’s very simple. Egypt will not permit the existence of an armed branch of the Muslim Brotherhood with 20,000 men carrying weapons to operate on its northern border.” Regarding Hamas, which many view as a subsidiary of the Brotherhood, Hasson added, “And that means that Hamas is also on borrowed time.”

“While Morsi was in power, the order was to not attack Israel. But since he was removed, the Muslim Brotherhood has reversed the order,” said Maj. Eli Avidar, of the Israeli army intelligence reserves, referring to the Egyptian president who was overthrown on July 3. Avidar said he believed the Brotherhood’s principal interest is to drag Israel into military engagement in the Sinai Peninsula, turning the conflict from a war among Egyptians to a war between Egypt and Israel. “It is Israel’s principal interest to avoid that,” he said. “Were Israel to attack in the Sinai, it would only benefit the Muslim Brotherhood.” “The former Israeli generals calling for us to hit hard in Sinai are idiots,” he added. “For the first time, Israel is not an issue here.” Avidar said that instead Israel should cooperate more closely with the Egyptian military, and invest more in its intelligence capabilities and hardware.


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