Rep. Louie Gohmert plays Holocaust card against BDS Movement

Updated on 11 January 2014 with a better transcript.

Congressional Record, 10 January 2014:

What has come about as radical Islamist–and I am very careful about that, despite what some of the more ignorant in the left wing would say in the left-wing media. We don’t have to fear moderate Muslims. And I am talking about the kind of moderate Muslims that I have befriended in Egypt and Afghan, who are the enemy of my enemy, who are the enemy of the United States’ enemy, who are the enemy of Israel, our ally.

We can work with them, just as is happening in Egypt right now where moderate Muslims were sickened by the Muslim Brotherhood’s burning of churches, killing of Christians, persecution of Christians. That is something that former President Morsi is on trial for. And the interim President right now is a former judge, so we had some things in common as we spoke not long ago there in Egypt.

Yet, as the odds are getting stacked farther and higher against Israel’s existence, and as we are demanding Israel give away more of its land as Palestinian leaders continue to say they are not agreeing to anything, they are not agreeing to Israel’s right to even exist as a Jewish nation, as a place where Jews can avoid another holocaust like in World War II, they are not even willing to recognize that, how can there ever be peace? As I said personally to the Palestinian’s former prime minister, how can you expect peace when you won’t even recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish nation?

So they want Israel to keep giving away more and more land, and every time–going back to the very inception of Israel, 1,000, 1,600, 1,800 years before Muhammad was born, the actual founding of Israel, going back that early, any time Israel has given away land trying to buy peace, that land ultimately gets used as a staging area from which to attack it. They are about, I hope, to learn that lesson.

So what do we have going on here in the United States now? Well, Caroline Glick has a great article called: “Column One: The Left Against Zion.” This is from December 19. She says:

This week has been a big one for the anti-Israel movement. In the space of a few days, two quasi-academic organizations–the American Studies Association and the Native American and Indigenous Studies Association–have launched boycotts against Israeli universities. Their boycotts follow a similar one announced in April by the Asian Studies Association.

I would interject that it is sickening and incredible to me to see anti-Semitism growing just the way it did before the 1930s and 1940s when over 6 million Jews were mercilessly, brutally killed–and we are seeing it arise. When I learned about the Holocaust and when I went to Germany, through what I had learned and read and seen, I could never have imagined. Thank God we could never have that happen during my lifetime. Now I am watching the seeds of anti-Semitism, of anti- Israel–of people wanting to wipe them off the map, of those who are proposing another Holocaust.

Then we have pseudo intellectual wannabes at universities where they no longer allow true diversity of thought and discussion that made them originally great, which allowed them originally to have liberals there get in charge, and now they cut off so often conservative speech. It used to be in universities, even as conservative as Texas A was when I was there, that we had many liberal speakers, and I enjoyed meeting and debating with some of them, with some of the greats in the country. Now, even at Texas A, they are careful not to invite people who are too conservative because you don’t want to tick off the Faculty Senate. Like most universities, it has gotten very, very liberal.

In Caroline Glick’s article she points out:

Every week brings a wealth of stories about new cases of aggressive anti-Israel activism. At the University of Michigan last week, thousands of students were sent fake eviction notices from the university’s housing office. A pro- Palestinian group distributed them in dorms across campus to disseminate the blood libel that Israel is carrying out mass expulsions of Palestinians.

At Swarthmore College, leftist anti-Israel Jewish students who control Hillel are insisting on using Hillel’s good offices to disseminate and legitimate anti-Israel slanders; and the left’s doctrinaire insistence that Israel is the root of all evil is not limited to campuses.

At New York’s 92nd Street Y, commentary editor John Podhoretz was booed and hissed by the audience for trying to explain why the ASA’s just-announced boycott of Israel was an obscene act of bigotry.

It is a great article. I don’t have time to read it all, but she points out:

This week, Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz retired after 50 years on the law faculty. His exit, the same week as the ASA and the NAISA announced their boycotts of Israeli universities, symbolized the marginalization of the pro- Israel left that Dershowitz represented.

For years, Dershowitz has been a nonentity in leftist circles. His place at the table was usurped by anti-Israel Jews like Peter Beinart, and now Beinart is finding himself increasingly challenged by anti-Semitic Jews like Max Blumenthal.

The progression is unmistakable.

People need to wake up and understand that this kind of thing has all happened before, and when people don’t recognize it, it happens again in history. God help us that it doesn’t happen while our generation is in charge, but these growing acts of anti-Semitism, anti-Israel continue to progress by so-called “Progressives,” making it seem as if this is another apartheid like in South Africa, which was so unfair, racially so wrong in South Africa. It got corrected. This is not the same thing at all. This is a group of people who have been persecuted throughout their history, having a country where they have a longer history of right to that area than any other people existing today.

Yet, as universities, the so-called “left” become more loud and more vocal in their hatred and anger, I have wondered: If Iran dropped a nuke on Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, if Iran killed a million Jews in Israel, have those leftists–those anti-Semitic, anti-Israel folks at universities–gotten so far from decency that they would applaud Israelis, Jews being killed by the millions in Israel? I wonder. I wonder if there would be any reaction like there has been in history, like there was in Germany when Jews were being killed? They deserved it. They were the problem in this country.

Rationalization is a great thing, and it is a dangerous thing.

People who were in Germany, who lived through the Holocaust don’t want to talk about it because they cannot believe that they got sucked into that group dynamic that allowed them to be so inhuman and so callous that they didn’t care about the extinction of Jews in Germany. I really don’t know the answer. These anti-Israeli groups in universities like to think they are diverse, but yet they go after and destroy anybody who attempts to debate them. Would they cheer if Jews and Israelis were killed by Iran?

Video of this insane House floor speech can be found here.


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