Israel’s current Defense Minister once called for completely blocking Gaza’s access to food and water

US Embassy in Tel Aviv, 21 August 2009:

Vice Prime Minister and Minister for Strategic Affairs [ed.: current Defense Minister] Moshe Ya’alon, speaking to an extreme right-wing Likud faction that has opposed Netanyahu’s party leadership, reportedly referred to the Israeli left as a “virus,” attacked the media, said the Supreme Court was authority without responsibility, called for a complete cut-off of humanitarian support to Gaza, and reiterated that Jews should be able to live anywhere in the Land of Israel. […] The headlines were dominated on August 20 by a leaked speech Ya’alon gave over the weekend to the Jewish Leadership Forum, an extreme right-wing Likud faction led by Moshe Feiglin, who has opposed Netanyahu’s party leadership. […] On Gaza, he said “we need to disengage completely from the Gaza Strip. . .not electricity, not water, not vegetables and not fruit. Neither a supply of food nor money.

It should be noted that this stance is even more extreme than that of a legal paper presented to the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee this past month:

Because Israel is not obligated to trade in fuel, electricity or anything else with the Gaza Strip, and is not obligated to preserve a policy of open borders with it, it is permitted to avoid supplying consumer items and to close its borders if it chooses to do so, even if this is imposed as a ‘punishment’ for terror activity. The only restriction is that Israel is forbidden to interfere in the supply of basic humanitarian needs, like food and medicines, by others.

According to Al-Monitor, a video of the secretly recorded speech given by Ya’alon can be found here:

If anyone knows Hebrew and can provide a translation of any other revealing segments from the speech, it would be appreciated.


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