Casual reminder that Israeli establishment views ISIS as bulwark against Iran and Shia influence

Michael Oren, ex-Israeli ambassador to US, 27 June 2015  :

if we have to choose the lesser of evils here, the lesser evil is the Sunnis over the Shiites. … It’s an evil, a terrible evil. Again, they’ve just taken out 1700 former Iraqi soldiers and shot them in a field. But who are they fighting against? They’re fighting against a proxy with Iran that’s complicit in the murder of 160,000 people in Syria. You know, do the math. And again, one side is armed with suicide bombers in Iraq and the other side has access to nuclear military capabilities. So from Israel’s perspective, you know, if there has got to be an evil that is going to prevail, let the Sunni evil prevail…

Series of tweets from Israeli PM’s official account, 2014-2015:

israel isis iran

Editorial by Gilad Sharon, Ariel Sharon’s son, 12 May 2015  (emphasis mine):

The fall of Assad’s regime would bring Islamic State to our borders – and that’s a problem. But it would also be a fatal blow for Hezbollah. Without the Assad regime and the Hezbollah-Syria-Iran axis, the threat from Lebanon would fade significantly. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen for sure.
Things aren’t quiet now, and thus Assad’s guarantee should expire. If the Golan Heights aren’t peaceful in any event, Israel then has no interest in the survival of the Syrian tyrant. Islamic State – unlike Assad and unlike Hezbollah – is the enemy of an international coalition that is fighting the organization; thus Israel wouldn’t have to face this new threat alone.
This is not to say that we would welcome the presence of the Islamic State lunatics on our border; but it’s certainly no worse, and may even be better, than the presence there of Hezbollah, which is the Lebanese proxy of the Iranian regime.

International Business Times, 7 December 2014  :

A report submitted to the United Nations Security Council by UN observers in the Golan Heights over the past 18 months shows that Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) have been in regular contact with Syrian rebels, including Islamic State (ISIS) militants.
Israel initially had maintained that it was treating only civilians. However, reports claimed that earlier last month members of Israel’s Druze minority protested the hospitalisation of wounded Syrian fighters from the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front in Israel.

A statement issued by a group of Druze activists accused the Israeli government of supporting radical Sunni factions such as the Islamic State (ISIS).
The UN report also laid out instances where in Israeli army was seen interacting with armed rebels. In one incident, the report claimed that the IDF gave some boxes to the Syrian armed rebels.

Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA), pro-Israel Congressman, 11 February 2015 :

Everybody is talking about ISIS, and they have videos of evil to show that they are on the cutting edge of unspeakable crimes. But the fact is that the Shiite alliance headed by Iran is far more deadly than ISIS, just in Syria, having killed perhaps as many as 200,000 people, and certainly they have killed more Americans, starting with the Marine barracks in Beirut in—I believe it was 1983. The Shiite alliance is more dangerous than ISIS. ISIS aspires, may have some capacities as of yet unproven, to carry out directed attacks in the West. […] Before we wage more intense war on ISIS, we have to ask who will fill that space and are we not weakening an enemy of the Shiite alliance without noting that that alliance is a greater threat to us than ISIS.


One thought on “Casual reminder that Israeli establishment views ISIS as bulwark against Iran and Shia influence

  1. saying the US “provoked” Pearl Harbor is a gross oversimplification because Japan kind of invaded multiple countries before US did embargo

    Japan was imperialist, but so was the US. The US was only upset with Japan expansionism because they wanted control of those places.
    ..the reason why people bring up how The US provoked Japan into Pearl Harbor is too show The US was no innocent victim it always pretends to be. Even 9/11 was a result of the US actions and history in the Middle East.

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